Tame Unstructured Work

Collaborate, share, and get work done faster than ever before.

Teams Are More Productive With Catchfly

Have you ever been overwhelmed with requests coming in from every angle? Do you need to collaborate with several groups of people but aren't sure how? Try Catchfly.

Work Smarter with Hubs

Hubs represent small pieces of work for collaboration. Its the centralized location where your team can get work done.

Organize with Tasks

Tasks help you organize details for what needs to be done inside of a hub.

Links & Attachments

Links are useful for resources inside corporate intranets. Or you can attach files directly.

Per-Hub Chat

Have questions or ideas around a hub? Use the hub chat to talk about them with your team.

Easily Share with your Team

Catchfly can be shared with anyone. All you need is their email address.


Coming soon!

Collaborate Quickly

  • Use hubs to organize around work
  • Create tasks to break the work down
  • Add links or files to the hub to share context
  • Collaborate with co-workers by inviting them to the hub
  • Exchange ideas and solutions using the in-hub chat

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